Scottish Local Government Finance Statistics (SLGFS) 2020-21

Annual publication providing a comprehensive overview of financial activity of Scottish local authorities in 2020-21 based on authorities' audited accounts.


An errata was published on 7 April 2022 to correct an error identified in Chart 2.10 – further details of the error are provided in the ‘SLGFS 2020-21 – Publication Tables – revised 6 April 2022’ supporting excel file. In addition, figures in Tables 2.14, 2.16 & 2.17 and Chart 2.11 have been updated to reflect final, audited data for 2020-21 for all local authorities and the notes advising that only one local authority’s figures were based on provisional outturn data have been removed – please note that this change has not led to an actual change in the figures displayed. The relevant tables and charts in the HTML and PDF publications have been updated to reflect these revisions.



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