Public Interest Journalism Working Group recommendations: Scottish Government response

Our response to the short-life Public Interest Journalism Working Group recommendations set out in its report: Scotland's News - towards a sustainable future for public interest journalism.

Recommendation 1 – Scottish Public Interest Journalism Institute

The Public Interest Journalism Working Group recommends that the Scottish Government should work with stakeholders to establish a new Scottish Public Interest Journalism Institute.

The Scottish Government wholeheartedly agrees that there is considerable merit in creating an infrastructure to sustain the sector in Scotland. It recognises the value a Scottish Public Interest Journalism Institute could have in supporting the resilience and sustainability of the sector through functions such as research, grant making, providing training and support, and promoting media literacy.

The Scottish Government believes that such an Institute should be independent of government, to ensure the clear separation of press and state, retain the independence and credibility of the sector, and maintain a well-functioning democracy. While the Scottish Government is clear that creation of an Institute should be led by industry experts, we are keen to support the Working Group, or its successors, towards that goal. The Scottish Government proposes to use its convening powers to bring together institutions and stakeholders at a cross-industry roundtable in Autumn 2022, to consider the best model for an Institute, and to transition the current Working Group into a new Steering Group with a remit to consider how best to deliver the Institute. This remit would include exploring funding options and scoping appropriate leadership, outside of Government, to establish and subsequently run the Institute.



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