Gaelic language plan 2022 to 2027

Third iteration of our Gaelic language plan - produced under the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005. It outlines the steps we are taking to support Gaelic and Gaelic speakers within our internal operations.

Structure of the Scottish Government Gaelic Language Plan

The key components of our Gaelic Language Plan are:

Chapter I – Introduction

This chapter provides background information to the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005 and its main features. An overview is provided of the key statutory provisions relating to the preparation of Gaelic Language Plans under the 2005 Act. A brief overview of the structure of the Scottish Government and its main areas of operation is also provided.

Chapter II – Key Principles

This chapter sets out the principles by which this Plan was written.

Chapter III – Gaelic and the National Performance Framework

This chapter sets out how the Scottish Government's policies will help support Gaelic in the context of the Scottish Government's National Performance Framework.

Chapter IV – Plan Commitments

This chapter sets out how the Scottish Government will use, and enable the use of Gaelic in relation to its main business functions. It includes key areas of operation such as our corporate identity, how our mail and email will be handled, staff training and the use of Gaelic on our websites. The chapter sets out the basic minimum level of Gaelic language provision which we are committed to providing in the five-year lifetime of the Plan.

Chapter V – The Gaelic Plan in the Scottish Government

This chapter sets out how the implementation of the Scottish Government's Gaelic Language Plan will be taken forward, and how this implementation will be monitored.



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