Climate Change Plan: third report on proposals and policies 2018-2032 (RPP3)

This plan sets out the path to a low carbon economy while helping to deliver sustainable economic growth and secure the wider benefits to a greener, fairer and healthier Scotland in 2032.

List of acronyms

AD – Anaerobic Digestion

BEISUK Government Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

BMW – Biodegradable Municipal Waste

BRIA – Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment

BVD – Bovine Viral Diarrhea

CAPS – Cycling Action Plan for Scotland

CARES – Community and Renewable Energy Scheme

CCA – Climate Change Agreements

CCC – Committee on Climate Change

CCF – Climate Challenge Fund

CCL – Climate Change Levy

CCP – Climate Change Plan

CCS – Carbon Capture and Storage

CCU – Carbon Capture Utilisation

CCUS – Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage

CfD – Contracts for Difference

CFL – CalMac Ferries Ltd.

CHP – Combined Heat and Power

CMAL – Caledonian Maritime Assets

CO 2 – Carbon Dioxide

COP – Conference of the Parties

COSLA – Convention of Scottish Local Authorities

CPP – Community Planning Partnerships

CPS – ChargePlace Scotland

DfTUK Government Department for Transport

DNO – Distribution Network Operators

DSO – Distribution System Operators

ECO – Energy Company Obligation

EE&D – Energy Efficiency and Decarbonisation

EEA – European Economic Area

EESSH – Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing

EIA – Environmental Impact Assessment

eNGO – Environmental Non-Governmental Organisations

EPBD – Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

EPC – Energy Performance Certificate

ERDF – European Regional Development Fund

ESOS – Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

EST – Energy Saving Trust

EU ETS – European Union Emissions Trading System

EV – Electric Vehicle

FFBC – Farming for a Better Climate

FGS – Forestry Grant Scheme

GDP – Gross Domestic Product

GHG – Greenhouse Gases

GVA – Gross Value Added

GW – Giga Watt

GWh – Giga Watt Hours

HEEPS – Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland

HES – Home Energy Scotland

HESLS – Home Energy Scotland Loan Scheme

HGV – Heavy Goods Vehicle

HIE – Highlands and Islands Enterprise

HLOS – High Level Output Specification

HPS – Heat Policy Statement

IEA – International Energy Agency

ILMP – Integrated Land Management Plans

IPCC – International Panel on Climate Change

ISM – Individual, Social, Material

ITS – Intelligent Transport Systems

KBA – Key Behaviour Area

LCITP – Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme

LEZ – Low Emission Zone

LHEES – Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies

LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas

LULUCF – Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry

MAP – Manufacturing Action Plan

MtCO 2e – Megatonnes of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent

N 2O – Nitrous Oxide

NDEE – Non Domestic Public Sector Energy Efficiency

NGO – Non-governmental organization

NPF – National Performance Framework

NSEA – Net Scottish Emissions Account

NTS – National Transport Strategy

OFGEM – Office of Gas and Electricity Markets

OGA – Oil and Gas Association

OREC – Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

ORR – Office of Rail and Roads

PfG – Programme for Government

PSH – Pumped Storage Hydro

REIF – Renewable Energy Investment Fund

RES – Resource Efficient Scotland

RHI – Renewable Heat Incentive

RPP 1 – First Report on Proposals and Polices

RPP 2 – Second Report on Proposals and Polices

RPP 3 – Third Report on Proposals and Policies

RTFO – Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation

SAYFC – Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs

SCCAP – Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme

SCCS – Scottish Carbon Capture Storage

SCCS – Stop Climate Chaos Scotland

ScotEID – Scottish Electronic Identification Database

ScotFLAG – Scottish Freight and Logistics Advisory Group

SCSP – Smarter Choices Smarter Places

SEA – Strategic Environmental Assessment

SEEP – Scottish Energy Efficiency Programme

SEPA – Scottish Environment Protection Agency

SGBF – Scottish Green Bus Fund

SGN – Scottish Gas Networks

SHCS – Scottish House Condition Survey

SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely

SME – Small and Medium Enterprise

SMEL – Small and Medium Enterprise Loan Scheme

SNH – Scottish Natural Heritage

SPP – Scottish Planning Policy

SRDP – Scottish Rural Development Programme

SSN – Sustainable Scotland Network

TMfS – Transport Model for Scotland

UKFSUK Forestry Standard

ULEV – Ultra Low Emission Vehicle

UNFCCC – United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

VED – Vehicle Excise Duty

WES – Wave Energy Scotland


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