Electronic purchasing card (ePC) policy

Information about policy in relation to our electronic purchasing card (ePC).

9. ePC support

Lost, stolen, cloned or damaged cards

9.1 The card holder, card controller or business manager must report a lost, stolen, cloned or damaged card immediately to RBS on the (24 hour) hotline:

  • UK: 0370 6000 459
  • Overseas: +44 1268 500 813
  • Minicom users: 0370 154 1192 / +44 370 154 1192

9.2 Card users should keep a record of these numbers to hand, particularly where the card is being used outside of the office.

User guides & Troubleshooting

9.3 There are separate user guides for card holders, card approvers and card controllers, with practical advice on using SDoL, including reviewing and approving transaction activity. Full guidance on using ePC is available electronic-purchasing-cards-guide-for-public-bodies.

9.4 If someone in the card hierarchy encounters difficulties using SDoL, the ePC Team can provide remote access support or be contacted through the mailbox or by teams. Remote access support may not be available for partners. If so contact ePC Team through the mailbox.

New application and card cancellation

9.5 Further information on creating a new application, including the ePC application form is available from the ePC Team.

9.6 A member of the card hierarchy must contact the ePC Team if a card is no longer required, or if the cardholder moves or leaves their role, and confirm whether the card is still required (and request a new user). The ePC Team run monthly checks to identify 'Movers and Leavers', which can identify staff no longer employed (within SG core only). Non SG-core partners are to notify the ePC Team of any 'Movers and Leavers' immediately after the cardholder has left.

9.7 If a card holder leaves their role (moves or leaves) or no longer needs a card their card should be destroyed. The ePC Team will request a completed card cancellation form from the card controller. It is an audit requirement to retain copies of all card holder details for 6 years before the details can be removed. Card holder information is deleted from eRDM (card information and financial information sheet), SDoL and the ePC Mailbox. Transactions made will still be accessible to download on reports, with the financial codes. For card cancellation and other forms please visit Electronic purchasing cards (ePC): guide for public bodies - gov.scot (www.gov.scot)

Service standards

9.8 The ePC Team will seek to respond to all general enquiries within 48 hours. Find out all our other service standards .


Email: epc_mailbox@gov.scot

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