Electronic purchasing card (ePC) policy

Information about policy in relation to our electronic purchasing card (ePC).

8. Escalation

8.1 In addition to review of single transactions as per this policy, a card controller must identify a member of their card hierarchy toundertake a monthly review of all their card activity on SDoL, which must be completed by the second working day of every month, for the previous reporting period (which takes place between the 26th of month to the 25th of the following month).

8.2 The ePC Team monitor card usage to ensure that policy is met. If monthly cardholder review and approval responsibilities have not been undertaken in accordance with policy and audit requirements, an escalation process begins, which can result in suspension of card usage or cancellation.

Suspension and Cancellation

8.3 Suspension or cancellation of card usage is a last resort and the ePC Team actively engage business areas that have failed to undertake their responsibilities to review and approve transactions at the end of each reporting period.

8.4 Failure by a cardholder and/or card approver to complete satisfactory checks for three reporting periods in a row will lead to card suspension.

8.5 The full card hierarchy should be aware that suspension may impede their purchasing activity and will require the intervention of a Director, Chief Executive or equivalent to unlock the suspension; and this will only be on provision of assurance that local arrangements have been made sufficiently robust to avoid any further occurrence on the card(s) concerned.

8.6 If a suspension is not resolved within a month then the card will be cancelled.

8.7 If arrangements are not put in place as agreed following the lifting of a previous suspension this will lead to automatic cancellation of the card in question.

8.8 A card which has been cancelled will need to be reapplied for. This will be subject to assurances from the relevant Director, Chief Executive or equivalent that improved behaviours will be adopted.

8.9 The ePC Team reserve the right to consider each case on its individual merits, taking into account the circumstances that have led to any suspension(s) and/or cancellation. This is likely to involve seeking advice from Internal Audit prior to any decision being taken.

Dormant cards and hierarchy checks

8.10 The ePC Team publish an updated hierarchy list fortnightly on Saltire. The ePC Team undertake a review of all cards monthly, which includes a check for dormant cards - those that have been unused for 12 months will be cancelled.

8.11 The full card hierarchy should not wait for checks to be undertaken, and should inform the ePC Team of changes in circumstances. This is particularly important where any member of the card hierarchy leaves the SG/partner organisation.


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