Carbon Management Plan 2014

This revised Carbon Management Plan (CMP) sets out the activities that will enable us to reduce our carbon emissions and meet our reduction targets.

Appendix C - Scottish Government Carbon Management Project Register

The Carbon Management Project Register enables opportunity tracking, comparisons of cost effectiveness of different measures, and monitoring of progress towards carbon reduction targets. It therefore also contains scheduling information for project start and implementation dates.

At present the CMPR tool contains over 100 separate low carbon projects proposed for implementation. The CMPR tool is managed by SG Facilities Services Division.

Examples of the projects currently contained in the CMPR:


Data Centre - Replacement fans to CRAC units - Saughton
Data Centre - Space conditioning - Saughton House
IT: Server Cooling Control - Marine Lab
IT: Pay as You Go Web Conferencing
IT: Terminals for hot desks to reduce power and faster log-on for users - All sites
IT: Virtualisation of the DMZ servers - 50 outward facing physical servers with individual UPS and Screens
Installation of LED lamps in corridors - Saughton
Replacement of T8 Lamps with LED linear tubes
Installation of LED Lights in Offices - All sites
Lighting replacement - St Andrew's House
Portico Lighting - Victoria Quay
Pool lighting upgrade - Victoria Quay
Fit PIR Sensors in Common Areas - Cameron House
Switchroom PIR control - Saughton House
Split A/C Control - Victoria Quay
Variable Speed Drives on AHU Fans - Atlantic Quay
Variable Speed Drives on AHU Fans across estate
Variable Speed Drives on Nigg Bay pumps - Marine Lab
Variable Speed Drives for pool pumps - Victoria Quay
Voltage Optimisation - Leith File Store
Voltage Optimisation - Faskally
Voltage Optimisation - Tweedbank
Voltage Optimisation - SASA

Gas, Oil and Heating

BMS Installation - Cameron House
Building A/B BMS upgrade - Marine Lab
Server Room Humidity and Temperature Control - Atlantic Quay
Boiler Upgrades: Fully Modulating burner
Building A/B Boiler replacement - Marine Lab
Replace Store boiler and radiators - Unit 4A Bonnington
Separate Poolside boilers - Victoria Quay
Improved control of lower floor boiler - Cameron House
CHP Installation - Victoria Quay
Small Scale CHP for Pool Heating - Victoria Quay
Replace Direct Fired Heaters - Unit 4B Bonnington
Direct gas DHW from boilers (Plate or Calorifier)
Block C Domestic Water Heater Replacement - Marine Lab
Block C Domestic Water Heater Replacement & Solar - Marine Lab
Install new condensing DHW heaters - St Andrew's House
Direct Fired DHW provision - SASA
Double glazing for old East building - Faskally
Replace failed double glazing units - Saughton House
Pool cover - Victoria Quay
Replace Single Pipe Heating System - Strathbeg House
Review Thermal Comfort Guidance/Criteria


Biomass Boiler self-sustaining - greenhouse/horticulture building - SASA
Biomass Boiler - Thainstone Court
Biomass Boiler - Faskally
Ground Source heat pumps for heating glass houses - SASA
Solar PV - Saughton House
Solar PV - St Andrew's House
Solar PV - Thainstone Court
Solar PV (subject to survey) - Victoria Quay
Solar Heating - Atlantic Quay
Solar Heating - St Andrew's House
Solar Heating - SASA
Solar Heating - Thainstone Court
Solar Heating for existing electric immersion heaters
Water source heat pump for Swimming Pool Plant - Victoria Quay
Water source heat pump for stores building
Wind Turbine 50kW - SASA


Investigate Grey Water Systems - Cameron House
Investigate Grey Water Systems - Longman House
Investigate Grey Water Systems - Strathearn House
Investigate Grey Water Systems - Thainstone Court
Replace mixer taps with PIR/Push taps - Victoria Quay
Umax water treatment - Tweedbank Gala


Food waste capture across all buildings to meet with forthcoming legislation
Investigate catering contracts to include waste minimisation
Lug-a-Mug scheme to be rolled out in all staff restaurants


Promotion of pool car or hire car rather than private car
Promotion of all domestic travel by rail rather than air
Promotion of all domestic travel by standard class rather than first
Promotion of taxi travel as last resort
Self-booking tool for travel including carbon cost

Other Behavioural Change

Behavioural change pilot on reducing business flights
Behavioural change pilot - Energy efficiency


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