Scottish Government and Scottish Green Party Parliamentary Group: draft Cooperation Agreement

Agreement setting out a joint commitment to work together to provide leadership for Scotland.

Shared oversight of this agreement

The Scottish Government and the Green Group recognise the need for this agreement to be underpinned by mutual respect, transparency and candour.

Therefore, to ensure the delivery of effective and responsible leadership and to promote collaboration, constructive working and agreement, a range of mechanisms for coordination and consultation between the Scottish Government and the Green Group will be established.

Scottish Ministers will make themselves available regularly to discuss with Green MSPs matters within their ministerial portfolios.

The Minister for Parliamentary Business will meet the Business Manager of the Green Group every week while Parliament is sitting.

The Deputy First Minister will meet nominated representatives from the Green Group every other week while Parliament is sitting, to oversee the operation of this agreement.

The First Minister will nominate two Green MSPs for appointment as Ministers.

One of these Ministers will be a member of the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Legislation.

A Cabinet Sub-Committee on the Climate Emergency will be established to provide cross-Government leadership and coordination of efforts to tackle climate change. The other Minister will be a member of this Cabinet Sub-Committee.

These Ministers will receive Cabinet papers relevant to their portfolios, and be invited to attend Cabinet as appropriate, when matters within their portfolios are discussed.

At least twice a year, the First Minister will invite the Co-Leaders of the Scottish Green Party to attend Cabinet. Where the Co-Leaders of the Scottish Green Party are unable to attend, other members of the Green Group may, with the prior agreement of the First Minister, attend instead.

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