Scottish Government and Scottish Green Party Parliamentary Group: draft Cooperation Agreement

Agreement setting out a joint commitment to work together to provide leadership for Scotland.


Appointment of ministers

The First Minister, after consultation with the Co-Leaders of the Scottish Green Party, will nominate two MSPs from the Scottish Green Party to be Ministers.

The First Minister, after consultation with the Co-Leaders of the Scottish Green Party, will appoint two special advisers. These special advisers will be given the responsibility of supporting these Ministers in their work and supporting the wider delivery of the shared programme.

The First Minister commits to consulting with the Co-Leaders of the Scottish Green Party before making any alterations to the responsibilities of these ministerial offices or making any new appointments to these ministerial offices.

Collective responsibility

The Scottish Ministerial Code will apply to these Ministers by virtue of their appointment to ministerial office.

The Scottish Government operates on the basis of collective responsibility. This means that all decisions reached by the Scottish Ministers, individually or collectively, are binding on all members of the Government. The principle of  collective responsibility, save where it is explicitly set aside, applies to all Ministers. It requires consultation and discussion among Ministers to provide the opportunity for them to express their views frankly as decisions are reached, and to ensure the support of all Ministers. It means that the opinions expressed and advice offered within Government remain private. It recognises that where a particular issue requires two or more Ministers and their officials to work together, or where a matter falling within the portfolio of one Minister needs to be considered collectively, the Cabinet may decide to establish a Cabinet sub-committee, which may include both Cabinet members and other Scottish ministers.

These ministers will, as a consequence of the agreed processes for cooperation and collaboration as set out in Co-operation and collaboration, observe the principle of collective responsibility, except in respect of excluded matters. Where commenting on a matter where the principle of collective responsibility does not apply, these Ministers must make clear that they are not commenting on behalf of the Scottish Government.

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