Scottish Government and Scottish Green Party Parliamentary Group: draft Cooperation Agreement

Agreement setting out a joint commitment to work together to provide leadership for Scotland.


Final versions of the  Cooperation Agreement and  Shared Policy Programme were published on 1 September 2021.

In this agreement, the Scottish Government and the Scottish Green Party parliamentary group (“the Green Group”) commit to work together to provide effective and responsible leadership for Scotland for this session of the Scottish Parliament, in the interests of Scotland, of the people who live in Scotland, and of future generations.

Recalling the principles on which the Scottish Parliament was established, the Scottish Government is committed to a constructive relationship with parties across the Parliament. The Scottish Government and the Green Group believe that concluding this agreement provides opportunities to address the challenges that we face, including the crises in our climate and our natural world, our recovery from the Covid pandemic, the building of a more equal and inclusive society, and accelerating Scotland’s journey towards democratic renewal and independence in Europe.

The cornerstone of this agreement, and of delivering effective and responsible leadership over this Parliament, is mutual trust and good faith. There is already much that the Government and the Scottish Green Party agree upon about the future we want for our country. We both want a country that is characterised by fairness and equality for all; a country that harnesses and develops our economic strengths to provide fair employment for our citizens while respecting the world’s natural resources and environment so that future generations are not disadvantaged. We want our young people to thrive and to have all the skills necessary to lead fulfilling lives. And we both want a country that provides support to those who need it so they can live in dignity. We see Scotland’s future as an independent nation in its own right that contributes internationally as a respected and trusted partner.

This agreement protects our ability to maintain our own principles and to maintain distinctive voices in Scotland, while working together. We believe that we can work together in Scotland’s interests, yet differ on certain matters constructively and respectfully.

The Scottish Government and Scottish Green Party are committed to doing politics better. This agreement establishes processes for building trust and guaranteeing good faith, and sets out how the Scottish Government and the Green Group will work together, collaborating and sharing responsibility to deliver an ambitious programme for Scotland.

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