Scottish Exchange of Data: early learning and childcare pre-census survey guidance

Guidance relating to the provision of data for the Early Learning and Childcare pre-census survey.

Using the survey

The menu allows navigation round the system.

  1. 'Manage Data Returns' should be selected to view details for each centre individually.  Individual centres can be selected from the drop down list at the top.
  2. A list of all errors can be displayed by selecting Validation Errors.
  3. 'View Reports' provides a list of all centres and their details in one place.

Reports can be exported to Excel. This may make it easier to identify corrections – see Viewing reports.

Corrections have to be made on a centre-by-centre basis (through Manage Data Returns) – see Viewing reports.

If there are a large number of corrections, please contact the ScotXed team

Guidance for using ProcXed is available on


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