Scottish Exchange of Data: early learning and childcare pre-census survey guidance

Guidance relating to the provision of data for the Early Learning and Childcare pre-census survey.


This is an annual exercise carried out by ScotXed to prepare for our Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) census. We wish to identify which centres in local authority areas provide funded or partly funded early learning and childcare and will be providing ELC on census week. Returns are to be submitted via ProcXed.

Full details for all centres in receipt of funding to provide Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) during census week (9 to 13 September 2024) are needed so they can be included in the census. Remember to include settings providing funded ELC to eligible 2 year olds.

Childminders in receipt of funding to provide ELC should not be included.

Details should be provided via ProcXed. A list of all centres included in 2023 are given and information is pre-populated where this is available.

Local authorities are required to check this list for completeness and:

  • correct any details that are wrong
  • add any new centres

 Please note it is important that all details are provided for centres that are to be included in the census.

Provide the closure date of any centres that are now closed or will be closing before 9 September 2024.

Remove any centres that will not be providing funded ELC in census week (this can be done by either selecting ‘No, does not provide ELC’ at the dropdown box (and click Save) or selecting the ‘Remove centre’ button at the top of the form, and click Save).

Add information on whether ELC provided in the Gaelic medium. Select ‘No’ if teaching is not in the Gaelic medium, or there are only occasional lessons in Gaelic.

Select ‘Yes’ if teaching is predominantly in the Gaelic medium. For centres which offer both Gaelic and non- Gaelic teaching, select ‘Yes’ if at least some children are taught in the Gaelic medium.


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