Scottish Employer Perspectives Survey 2019: technical report

Technical report accompanying the Scottish EPS 2019 research report providing background information on the methodology used.

Appendix B: Questionnaire coverage

Question Question Number Comparison to 2016 Time series possibility
Firmographics (i)
Multi or single site A2 Same Yes
Whether Head Office A3 Same Yes
Total staff across organisation A4 Same Yes
Number of staff on site A1 Same Yes
Organisation classification A5 Same Yes
Sector A7/A8 Same Yes
Whether had vacancies C1 Same Yes
Familiarity with and use of government services or initiatives C2/C3 Revised Yes
Broad recruitment channels used C4a/C4b Same Yes
Factors looked for in candidates C5 Revised Yes
Equality and diversity practices C5a-g No (new question) -
Whether recruited in last 12 months C6a Same Yes
Age of recruits C6b-e Same Yes
Recruitment of young people
Role of last young person recruited C8 Same Yes
Broad recruitment channels used for last young person recruited C10nw /C10nwi Same Yes
Whether used government scheme or initiative for last young recruit C10nwii Revised Yes
Gender Pay Gap legislation
Awareness and impact of Gender Pay Gap legislation C10GP/ C10GPi No (new question) -
Recruitment of education leavers
Whether recruited anyone to their first job on leaving education in last 2-3 years C10a/e Revised Yes
Preparedness of education leavers for work C10f/g Revised Yes
Work experience and inspiration
Type of work experience placement offered in last 12 months C17 Revised Yes
Number of individuals on work placements in last 12 months C18 Revised Yes
Whether individuals taken on to long-term role C19C Revised Yes
Reason for offering work placements C20 Revised Yes
Awareness and use of Foundation Apprenticeships C21/C21a No (new question) -
Whether engaged with education institutions to provide work inspiration to students C23 Same Yes
Reasons for offering work inspiration opportunities C23a Revised Yes
Reasons for not offering work placements or inspiration C27 Same Yes
Awareness of and engagement with Developing the Young Workforce Regional Groups C28/C29 No (new question) -
Sources of training information and advice
Whether sought or needed to seek advice on training in last 12 months D1/D1a Same Yes
Sources of advice used D2 Revised Yes
Familiarity and use of Government schemes and initiatives D4/D5 Revised Yes
Training activity
Whether provided internal or external training in last 12 months D6a/b Same Yes
External sources of training used D8 Revised Yes
Whether worked with other employers to develop staff D36 Revised Yes
Training to VQs
Whether train to VQs D13 Same Yes
Reasons for not training to VQs D14 Same Yes
Level of VQs D15 Revised Yes
Extent VQs improve the business D16/17 Same Yes
Whether offer formal framework D22 Revised Yes
Number of current apprentices D22a/b Same Yes
Whether apprentices on Graduate Apprenticeship programme D22Bi No (new question) -
Whether offer apprenticeships D23 Revised Yes
Whether site previously offered apprenticeships D23i Same Yes
Age of apprentices D23A Same Yes
Whether apprentices are recruits external to the business D23B Same Yes
Type of training provided D25i/ii Same Yes
Type of training provider used D25iii Revised Yes
Typical length of apprenticeship D26 Same Yes
History of apprenticeship offer D27i Same Yes
Trigger for offering apprenticeships D27a/b Revised Yes
Motivation for offering apprenticeships D27c Revised Yes
Historic churn of apprenticeship offer D27d Same Yes
Awareness of apprenticeships D28 Same Yes
Reasons for not offering apprenticeships D33 Revised Yes
Awareness of or interaction with apprenticeships schemes D29 Revised Yes
Whether plan to offer apprenticeships in future D34 Same Yes
Anticipated churn in apprentice numbers D27e Same Yes
Reason for anticipated churn D27f/g/h Revised Yes
When plan to offer apprenticeships in future D34i Revised Yes
Reason for starting to offer apprenticeships D34ii Revised Yes
Reason for not planning to offer apprenticeships D34a Same Yes
Preparedness for work of Modern Apprentices D34b No (new question) -
Whether work experience / Foundation Apprenticeships seen as route to apprenticeship D35c/ci Revised Yes
Employer involvement in content and design
Level of involvement with apprenticeships, VQs and external training D39 Same Yes
Whether worked with partners to design the content of training D39a No (new question) -
Whether would have like to be more involved D40 Revised Yes
Reasons for not being involved D41 Revised Yes
National Occupational Standards
Awareness of NOS D20 Same Yes
Use of NOS D21 Same Yes
Employer Attitudes and Firmographics (ii)
History of operating F1 (previously A6) Same Yes
Growth prospects F2 (previously A6a) Same Yes
Growth over last year F3 (previously A9) Same Yes
Closing questions G1-G3a Revised Yes



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