Scottish Employer Perspectives Survey 2021: Technical Report

Technical report for the 2021 Scottish Employer Perspectives Survey.


1. Note that the terms 'establishment', 'employer' and 'business' are used interchangeably throughout the report.

2. This 'splitting' of the 'Transport, Storage and Communications' sector does not apply to ESS, which traditionally used a 13-sector grouping which separates this group into 'Transport and Storage' and 'Information & Communications' groupings.

3. Note that the number of interviews sums to greater than 1,000 as ROA regions are defined by Local Authorities (LA), and some LAs are in more than one ROA. Also note that the population data are rounded to the nearest 100.

4. D29: Have you heard of the following types of apprenticeships…? 1) Modern apprenticeships; 2) Graduate Apprenticeships

5. Standard industrial classification of economic activities (SIC) - GOV.UK (

6. Standard industrial classification of economic activities (SIC) - GOV.UK (

7. Sector and size groups are based on pre-survey establishment information. As such, the 'interviews achieved' numbers will not match the figures found in Tables 8 and 10, which show the achieved interviews based on the size and sector information provided during the survey.



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