Scottish economics statistics: uses of Scottish economy statistics

Information about the uses made of the Scottish government's macro-economic statistics.

Reflecting users needs is a requirement for designation of these products as National and Official Statistics.

Requirements under the Code of Practice for Official Statistics

Principle 1: Meeting user needs states that "The production, management and dissemination of official statistics should meet the requirements of informed decision-making by government, public services, business, researchers and the public". In particular, Practice 2 provides an instruction to "Investigate and document the needs of users of official statistics, the use made of existing statistics and the types of decision they inform".

The two Assessment Reports identified a few specific requirements:

Scottish Macro-Economic Statistics

Requirement 1: Publish relevant information and assumptions about the uses that are made of the Global Connections Survey and use them to support the use of these statistics.

Requirement 7: Provide commentary and analysis that aid interpretation; and provide factual information about the policy and wider context of these statistics.

Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland

Requirement 1: (a) Consult users about their views on the presentation of GERS and the associated commentary; and their experiences of the statistical service, the data quality, and the format and timing of reports; and (b) publish the findings in order to improve the use made of these statistics and the decisions they inform.


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