Scottish economics statistics: uses of Scottish economy statistics

Information about the uses made of the Scottish government's macro-economic statistics.

In response to the UK Statistics Authority's Assessments of Compliance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics of the Scottish Macro-Economic Statistics and Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland, the Scottish Government will publish relevant information about the uses made of these statistics. This information will help statisticians to improve the quality of these products and to prioritise scarce resources which will be reflected in future Scottish Economic and Labour Market Statistics Plans.

In order to establish a relevant user base, the Office of the Chief Economic Adviser will keep an up to date inventory of the uses made of these statistical outputs. This will include uses made both within and outside Government. As this information will compiled from the uses that have been brought to our attention or provided by users on a voluntary basis, the list cannot be exhaustive. Nevertheless, it will be indicative of the uses made and will provide users with an opportunity to share with the Scottish Government their views on the presentation of these statistics and their experiences of the statistical service, the data quality, and the format and timings of reports etc.

Contributions to this Inventory are very welcome. Please provide any comments on the uses you have made of these statistics and any suggestions for their improvement to .


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