Scottish Economic Statistics 2008

This is the ninth edition of the annual publication Scottish Economic Statistics, which is produced by statisticians in the Scottish Government.

Chapter 2 footnotes

1 The latest figures (for 2007) were published by BERR on 28 November 2008 as this publication was going to press. All figures in this chapter refer to the 2007 publication. The updated BERR publication can be found here:

2 Scotland Performs National Indicator: Business Start-ups

3 Scotland Performs National Indicator: GERD

4 Scottish Government "Business Enterprise Research and Development Scotland 2006"

5 ONS "First findings from the UK Innovation Survey 2007"

6 Scottish Government "Higher Education-Business Community Interaction Survey 2006-2007"

7 The UK Intellectual Property Office "Annual Review 2007"

8 Scottish Enterprise "Scottish e-Business Survey 2007"

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