Scottish Connections Framework

This Framework sets out a cohesive and cross-cutting approach to diaspora engagement. It outlines a series of commitments and ambitions to strengthen and expand our relationships with, and between, Scotland’s international communities, and expand on existing work with our established networks.

Commitments in this Framework

Engaging Scotland’s Diaspora

  • Establish a dedicated Scottish Connections contact point within the Scottish Government.
  • Launch a diaspora recognition award, marking the achievements of our diaspora, designed in consultation with diaspora members.
  • Pilot a Scottish Connections Fund to support the aims of this Framework.
  • Collaborate across our full network to map and engage our diaspora.
  • Introduce diaspora-focused objectives in International Network office business plans.
  • Maximise the use of existing platforms and channels and investigate new digital approaches.
  • Develop a more interactive communications approach for our diaspora including creating a means where diaspora can register their interests.
  • Develop a regularly updated, public-facing digital directory of organisations around the world affiliated with Scotland.
  • Work with a research partner to review how to meet the digital preferences of our different diaspora groups.
  • Create dedicated content and new pages on for our diaspora, and review existing content relating to Scotland’s international relationships.
  • Use our new digital resources to tell stories of our diaspora’s activities around the world.
  • Work with partners to ensure active connections and traffic-driving between relevant websites.
  • Provide diaspora groups with resources to promote Scotland among their own networks.
  • Trial the launch of Instagram channels in targeted international markets.
  • Support heritage organisations to broaden their appeal to young people, including supporting appointment of Youth Officers and establishing scholarships and youth exchanges.
  • Seek feedback from younger members of our diaspora to improve our communications offering.
  • Explore how diplomatic missions and the British Council can help deliver the aims of this Framework.

Picturing and Understanding Scotland’s Diaspora

  • Improve inclusivity and equality, by reaching out to historically marginalised communities and groups, and promoting women and young people’s participation.
  • Introduce equality objectives for International Network office business plans.
  • Work with appropriate academic partners to better acknowledge and understand Scots’ involvement in uncomfortable chapters in our history.
  • Work with NRS and other organisations like the Scottish Council on Archives to promote their genealogical services to the diaspora.

Scotland’s Culture

  • Develop an International Culture Strategy in 2023.
  • Consider creating a shared calendar of events for improved cross-promotion of cultural and tourism opportunities.
  • Involve existing networks including our GlobalScots to promote cultural connections
  • Encourage the involvement of contemporary performers at major diaspora events.
  • Look for opportunities to meet commitments in the Gaelic Language Plan within Framework activity.
  • Continue to support diaspora organisations in their celebration of both Gaelic and Scots language, via our International Network.
  • Exploring how to further promote Gaelic with educational and heritage diaspora groups.
  • Work to promote use of the SpeakGaelic and LearnGaelic digital resources.

Living and Working in Scotland

  • Use our International Network and digital communications to ensure our growing diaspora networks are aware of opportunities for moving to Scotland.
  • Promote awareness of the UK Ancestry Visa to heritage diaspora.
  • Promote business and employment opportunities in Scotland for members of our diaspora through our communications approach.

Education and Alumni

  • Publish Scotland’s first International Education Strategy in 2023.
  • Work with our universities and colleges to diversify our international student population.
  • Work with our universities to explore how best to engage and expand our global alumni, and seek opportunities to connect alumni networks with each other, and with wider Scottish interests.
  • Unlock new, diverse opportunities for our universities and colleges, and increase connections with alumni groups in-country, via our International Network.
  • Work with the British Council to explore the use of their new Alumni platform.

Visiting Scotland – Haste Ye Back

  • Encourage those with Scottish heritage to travel here and explore their own history, and highlight tourism opportunities in Scotland with a heritage link.
  • Continue to engage with key heritage events around the world such as New York Tartan Week to promote tourism.
  • Work with NRS to promote the opportunity for heritage Scots to trace local records.
  • Capitalise on cultural opportunities including arts, screen, food and drink to encourage people from across the world to explore their own Scottish connections.


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