Climate change adaptation programme: progress report 2023

Fourth annual progress report on "Climate Ready Scotland: Scotland’s Climate Change Adaptation Programme 2019 to 2024".

3. Next steps

3.1 The next statutory Adaptation Programme

Alongside continuing to deliver SCCAP2, the Scottish Government is now developing Scotland's next statutory climate change adaptation programme which will address the climate risks facing Scotland as identified in CCRA3.

It is intended that the programme builds on the outcome-led approach taken in SCCAP2, but with an additional level of framing around sub-outcomes that reflect higher level of detail with regards to the risk-management ambitions of the highest priority sectors and action areas.

As part of the development of the next programme:

  • Targeted engagement with stakeholders and delivery partners will take place over Summer and Autumn 2023.
  • In line with statutory duties, commissioning of a second CCC independent assessment of the current SCCAP2. We expect to receive the report of this independent assessment by the end of 2023 and its findings will inform the next programme.
  • Public consultation on the next programme is planned for early-2024 with the aim of publishing a final statutory programme in Autumn 2024.
  • A monitoring framework is being developed, using a "theory of change" approach, which will identify indicators that can provide some quantitative assessment of progress over time.
  • We are also exploring options for an early response in the highest priority risk areas identified by the CCC.

The following chapters of this annual progress report provide examples of progress – since the time of the last report in May 2022 – in implementing policies and proposals that contribute towards each of the SCCAP2 outcomes.



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