Climate change adaptation programme: progress report 2023

Fourth annual progress report on "Climate Ready Scotland: Scotland’s Climate Change Adaptation Programme 2019 to 2024".

2. Scottish Ministers' assessment of progress towards implementing the objectives, proposals and policies set out in SCCAP2

The overall assessment of Scottish Ministers is that whilst progress continues to be made in implementing SCCAP2, it is also clear that still more needs to be done to build resilience in Scotland as part of our just transition.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) Synthesis Report published in March 2023 is clear that progress on global adaptation action is not yet keeping pace with the worsening impacts. This is a shared global challenge, which applies here in Scotland too.

Chapters 4 – 10 of this report provides examples of progress towards the SCCAP2 policies across the seven high-level outcomes since May 2022, including the examples below:

  • The new Scottish 3-day Flood Forecast was launched in February 2023 giving the earliest possible indication of when and where flooding is expected.
  • As published in December 2022, the new Scottish Biodiversity Strategy sets out our vision to 2045 and the long term outcomes needed in Scotland to address the ongoing decline in biodiversity including ensuring our natural environment, our habitats, ecosystems and species, are resilient and adapting to climate change.
  • The first track of the National Test Programme 'Preparing for Sustainable Farming' began in April 2022 followed in December 2022 with the launch of MyHerdStats and in February 2023 with support for Animal Health and Welfare activity. It is designed to help farmers and crofters future proof their farms, to create environmental and economically resilient businesses and to start to prepare now for future conditionality.
  • Coastal Change Adaptation Planning guidance was published in February 2023 on the Dynamic Coast website, and £1.6 million was allocated to local authorities for coastal change adaptation in 2022-2023.
  • NatureScot's investment in restoration in 2022-2023 is on track to deliver our target of putting 4,700 hectares of degraded peatland on the road to recovery.
  • From February 2023, building regulations address overheating in new homes and some other new residential buildings, with further consideration to be given to this topic as part of future review of energy and ventilation standards.
  • The NHS Scotland climate emergency and sustainability strategy: 2022-2026 was published in August 2022 setting out plans to adapt to climate change. Starting in November 2022, each Health Board has been required to publish an annual report, approved by its Chief Executive, summarising its progress. Starting in 2023, the Scottish Government will publish an annual report setting out the progress being made across all of NHS Scotland in implementing this strategy.
  • To combat the effects of drought, £20 million will be invested in a pilot programme to extend the public water networks to connect with households reliant on private supplies.
  • Scottish Government continues to fund the Adaptation Scotland programme to support capacity building and action on adaptation by the public sector, businesses and communities across Scotland.



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