Scottish cancer patient experience survey 2015-2016: exploring differences in patient experiences

Additional survey analysis which examines the relationship between the self-reported experiences of service users and a range of factors.

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For the purposes of this analysis, respondents were grouped into age bands with those aged 75 and over being used as the reference group. Age was a factor for 13 out of the 47 questions analysed – just over a quarter.

Responses to 12 of these questions were more negative for different combinations of age groups. Most significantly, two questions were more negative for all age groups (16 to 74). These questions asked how the respondents felt about:

  • the way they had been told they had cancer; and
  • the length of time they had to wait when attending clinics/appointments.

Those who were aged 16 to 24 and 35 to 54 were more negative when asked how they would rate their care overall compared to those who were 75 and over.

Respondents aged 25 to 64 responded more positively than those aged over 75 when asked whether anyone had discussed with them whether they would like to take part in cancer research since their diagnosis.


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