Biodiversity strategy to 2045: tackling the nature emergency - draft

This draft biodiversity strategy sets out our clear ambition for Scotland to be Nature Positive by 2030, and to have restored and regenerated biodiversity across the country by 2045.


Although Scotland’s biodiversity is highly degraded, there is also evidence that we can reverse the declines and reverse biodiversity loss. We have a renewed understanding of the need to prioritise actions to restore and regenerate biodiversity across government and wider society.

This Strategy and the supporting Framework for biodiversity in Scotland provides a path to deliver our Vision and Outcomes for 2045.

We all benefit from – depend on – biodiversity to stay alive and we all contribute to biodiversity loss through our actions and choices – so the Nature Emergency really is everybody’s problem. At the same time, however, that means it’s in our hands to make the choices which will reverse biodiversity loss in Scotland by 2045.


This strategy was updated and published in September 2023. Read the updated version of the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy to 2045.


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