Scottish Annual Business Statistics 2017

Data relating to the Production (including Manufacturing), Construction and Service Sectors in Scotland.

Links to areas within the Scottish Government

You can access a range of official statistics about Scotland for information and re-use at You can explore the data by theme, organisation, or geography. You can also search for datasets, places or enter your postcode to find data about your local area. The data can be viewed as tables, maps and charts or downloaded in various formats. This website replaced Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics (SNS).

Growth Sector Statistics Database

The Growth Sector statistics database provides economic statistics for the growth sectors (also known as key sectors) as set out in Scotland's Economic Strategy 2015.

Input-Output Tables and Multipliers for Scotland

Input-Output tables provide a complete picture of the flows of goods and services (products) in the economy for a given year. They detail the relationship between producers and consumers and the interdependencies of industries.

Businesses in Scotland

Businesses in Scotland (formerly Scottish Corporate Sector Statistics) provide information on enterprises operating in Scotland. The main purpose of the publication is to provide an estimate of Scotland’s business stock. Within the publication the Scottish business stock is broken down by various dimensions including industry, business size, local authority area, urban/rural area and country of ownership.

Business, Enterprise and Energy - Data Sources and Suitability

For background on Businesses in Scotland (formerly Scottish Corporate Sector Statistics) and Scottish Annual Business Statistics (SABS) as data sources including comparison of their differences.

Scottish Export Statistics

There are two sources of data: Export Statistics Scotland and the Index of Manufactured Exports.

Links to websites outside the Scottish Government

Please note that when accessing the following links you will leave the Scottish Government website. The Scottish Government and its staff are not responsible for content external to this website.

UK and Regional Annual Business Survey

For 2017 (this is now a joint ONS National & Regional publication)

Regional Annual Business Survey

For Regional releases. Up to 2016 provisional (data for 2016 has since been revised, see top link above)

UK Annual Business Survey

For National releases. Up to 2017 provisional (data for 2017 has since been revised, see top link above)

UK and Regional Annual Business Inquiry

Up to 2008. Four links above cover: UK and Regional Annual Business Survey (formerly Annual Business Inquiry) statistics produced by the Office for National Statistics.

Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES)

Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES) data and sampling errors are produced by the Office for National Statistics at a UK and regional level.

Please see headings Other Sources of Economic and Business Statistics & Total Employees/Employment and Per Head variables in Methodology & Notes for information on how BRES is used in Scottish Annual Business Statistics publication.

Secure Research Service (SRS), formerly known as Virtual Microdata Laboratory (VML)

The Secure Research Service (SRS) is an Office for National Statistics (ONS) facility for providing secure access to sensitive detailed data for statistical research purposes that serve the public good. Access is provided for Approved Researchers working on defined and approved projects. Available data sources include business surveys, earnings data, social surveys and Census samples. SRS data can’t be downloaded, but users can access the data at their desk if they are part of a government organisation (subject to connection criteria being met), or in an ONS approved Safe Setting if not. Safe Settings are located in London, Newport (Gwent), Titchfield as well as locations in Belfast and Glasgow.

UK Data Service

The UK Data Service is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to meet the data needs of researchers, students and teachers from all sectors, including academia, central and local government, charities and foundations, independent research centres, think tanks, and business consultants and the commercial sector. The UK Data Service collection includes major UK government-sponsored surveys, cross-national surveys, longitudinal studies, UK census data, international aggregate, business data, and qualitative data.

UK Creative Industries data sourced to DCMS

Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) publishes UK and Regional Creative Industries data. Please note that there are some methodology differences between DCMS publication and Scottish Creative Industries data published in Scottish Government's Growth Sector Statistics Database. The Growth Sector definition is based on specific analysis of the Creative Industries in Scotland.


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