Scottish Annual Business Statistics 2017

Data relating to the Production (including Manufacturing), Construction and Service Sectors in Scotland.

Supporting documents

Scotland by section
Scotland by division 2017
Scotland v UK
Ownership by section
Local Authority areas by section
Section by Local Authority areas: spreadsheet
Sustainable Tourism by Local Authority Area 2017: publication
Filter for local authority data
Manufacturing sector
Spirits profile 2017
Shipbuilding profile 2017
Aerospace profile 2017: spreadsheet
Construction sector
Retail sector
Growth sectors
Fishing, manufacture of food products and beverages: spreadsheet
Purchases by constituent variables: spreadsheet
Historic charts - background paper: publication
List of ABS form types: publication
Form & notes - services sectors 2017: publication
Methodology sampling framework 2017: spreadsheet
Map 2017 - Sustainable tourism GVA publication
Standard ABS Long Form - Production Industries
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