Scottish Animal Welfare Commission: report on the use of rodent glue traps in Scotland

Report on the use of rodent glue traps in Scotland.

Appendix I – Membership of the Scottish Animal Welfare Commission

The Scottish Animal Welfare Commission Members are:

  • Professor Cathy Dwyer from Scotland's Rural College and the University of Edinburgh (Chair)
  • Dr Harvey Carruthers, veterinary surgeon
  • Mike Radford, lawyer specialising in Animal Welfare
  • Paula Boyden, Veterinary Director at Dogs Trust
  • Professor Marie Haskell, Professor in Animal Welfare Science at Scotland's Rural College
  • Dr James Yeates, Chief Executive Officer of Cats Protection
  • Libby Anderson, Animal Welfare Policy Advisor
  • Dr Simon Girling, Head of Veterinary Services, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland
  • Mike Flynn, Chief Superintendent at the Scottish SPCA
  • Dr Pete Goddard, veterinary surgeon
  • Professor Tim Parkin, Professor of Veterinary Epidemiology, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Andrew Kitchener, Principal Curator of Vertebrates at the National Museum of Scotland

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