Scottish Animal Welfare Commission: annual report 2022-2023

Annual report of the Scottish Animal Welfare Commission (SAWC) showing activity for the year 2022 to 2023.

7. Conclusions and Forward Look

In its third year, SAWC has addressed a range of important issues for the welfare of animals in Scotland, further developed its relationships with relevant bodies across Europe and published key recommendations on a number of areas relating to the welfare of wild, farmed and companion animals. It is currently addressing a number of important issues through its working groups, which are gathering evidence and providing opinions on a range of animal welfare issues. SAWC continues to provide expertise in addressing specific welfare-related consultations, and to provide information to the Scottish Ministers and Committees on important welfare issues.

As the work of SAWC develops, the welfare issues being tackled are complex and may be contested where the welfare of more than one sentient species may be in conflict, or where welfare issues conflict with other concerns. Welfare issues and recommendations to improve welfare may also challenge established norms of behaviour or animal use. However, as SAWC considers these areas, now and in the future, it will rely on the strength of evidence, and take into consideration the experiences and expertise of those who work in the relevant sectors. SAWC strives to remain independent with animal welfare at the forefront of its decision-making at all times.



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