Scottish allied health professions public health strategic framework implementation plan: 2022 to 2027

In 2019, the first UK wide Allied Health Professions (AHPs) Public Health Strategic Framework 2019-2024 was published by all four nations, intended to help AHPs and partners to further develop their role in public health. Thereafter, each nation agreed to develop their own implementation plan.

AHP Public Health Driver Diagram

Driver Diagrams are structured charts that translate a high level improvement goal into a logical set of high level primary drivers that need to be influenced in order to achieve your goal.

The direct drivers towards our vision focus on five strategic goals in alignment across the four Nations which are underpinned by specific action over 2022 – 2027. Below outline our specific goals:

1. Developing the AHP Workforce

2. Demonstrating Impact

3. Increasing the Profile of the AHP Public Health Role

4. Strategic Connections and Leadership

5. Health and Wellbeing of the Workforce

These are summarised in Chart 1 and discussed in more detail further in the plan.

Chart 1 – Driver Diagram
Primary Drivers Secondary Drivers Outcome
Developing the AHP Workforce
  • Strengthening AHP leadership
  • Education, training and workforce review
  • Role development and approach
By 2027 AHPs, as well as their professional bodies and partner organisations, are supported to further develop their role in public health; Share best practice with colleagues and partners and; Ultimately embed preventative healthcare across all of their work.
Demonstrating Impact
  • Research and data collection
  • Strengthening AHP leadership and visibility
  • Communications strategy
  • Dissemination of best practice
Increasing the Profile of the AHP Public Health role
  • Data collection
  • Communications strategy
  • Dissemination of best practice
  • Role development and approach
Strategic connections and leadership
  • AHP representation is established and maintained
  • Dissemination of best practice
  • Role development and approach
Health and wellbeing of the workforce
  • AHP representation is established and maintained
  • Dissemination of best practice
  • Each strategic objective (primary driver) sets out the context and the work we will do to move forward.
  • The actions are set in the short term (approximately 1-2 years), medium term (approximately 2-3 years) and long term (3 plus years).
  • They are the first steps to achieving our long term vision.

Delivering on our vision requires action across the Scottish Government, NHS Boards, higher education, public, community and voluntary sectors. It will build on the significant progress already being made to expand the contribution AHPs make to improving population health and to deliver the Scottish Government's wider public health priorities. We hope that many more actions than those identified here will be undertaken in order to further develop and promote the role of AHPs in contributing to public health outcomes.

In taking forward this approach we will be:

  • Collaborative – recognising that knowledge and expertise sits across the system and change cannot be delivered by one organisation alone.
  • Flexible – this plan is a roadmap and should not be seen as prescriptive nor set in stone, although the plan does outline specific actions we intend to develop and take forward over the next five years in collaboration with partners.
  • Patient – we recognise that improvement is a journey and work will be required beyond 2027.
  • Realistic – we recognise that the system is already under pressure and whilst we are ambitious, we need to balance our ambitions with the recognition of changing priorities.
  • Transparent – we will be open in what we do, with clear measurements for success so that everyone can understand the progress being made and we can be held to account for our collective performance.



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