Scottish Aggregates Survey 2012

Gathers together information on the production, distribution and reserves of material produced and available from Scottish quarries as at 2012.


17. Some caution must be exercised in relation to any findings arising from the Survey as the level of returns, when compared with ONS's Business Monitor PA1007, are likely to represent only about 70% and 77% of output for crushed rock and sand and gravel respectively.

18. The Survey also relates to the position at the end of 2012 so this should be taken into account when considering the current position on reserves in particular.

19. Subject to such interpretations, the main conclusions arising from the Survey are:

  • the ONS Survey confirmed that output from Scottish quarries in 2012 was 25.8 mt;
  • in 2012, crushed rock accounts for 75% of aggregate output. This has risen marginally from 74% since 2005;
  • Scotland exported 5.6 million tonnes of crushed rock in 2012. This represents 39.7% of Scottish crushed rock output (based on survey output total);
  • the distribution of aggregates is not confined by Regional boundaries, with SESplan, Forth Valley, Argyll and Bute and West Central Scotland A appearing, in particular, to be dependent on supplies from outwith the Region to meet demand;
  • returns show that reserves for crushed rock and sand & gravel in 2012 were generally sufficient to meet local demand.


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