Scottish Aggregates Survey 2012

Gathers together information on the production, distribution and reserves of material produced and available from Scottish quarries as at 2012.


3. SPP (para 238) promotes a landbank approach to planning for the supply of construction aggregates. This approach is intended to ensure that a stock of reserves, with planning permission, is maintained to ensure adequate supplies of construction aggregates over a minimum 10 year period based on current production levels. The 10 year period recognises the likely timescale between an operator deciding that there is a need for a new site, securing planning permission and bringing the site into full production.

4. For planning purposes SPP (para 236-238) confirms The Scottish Government's view that strategic development plans for the four main city regions should ensure that adequate supplies of construction aggregates can be made available. Local development plans should support the maintenance of a landbank of permitted reserves equivalent to a minimum 10 years extraction at all times for all market areas.


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