Scottish Aggregates Survey 2012

Gathers together information on the production, distribution and reserves of material produced and available from Scottish quarries as at 2012.


8. Survey forms were sent out to all operators whose address appeared in the 2011/2012 Directory of Quarries & Quarrying Equipment (33rd edition). This information was supplemented by that gathered by the BGS through its annual updating exercise to gather information for ONS for Business Monitor. This produced 114 responses, of which 99 were useable. Information is limited to the returns received on the survey forms. The geographical spread of the active and new sites are shown in Table 1:


Regions Hard Rock Sand & Gravel
Argyll & Bute * *
Forth Valley [3] 0 *
Highland & Moray 8 11
North East Scotland 9 6
Orkney & Shetland Islands 3 0
SESPlan 5 4
TAYplan 6 6
West Central Scotland A ( GCV) 10 7
West Central Scotland B and Dumfries & Galloway * *
Western Isles 6 7
TOTAL 52 47

* concealed to preserve confidentiality

9. The total amount of production in 2012 recorded by SAS was 14 million tonnes (mt) of crushed rock and 4.5 mt of sand and gravel. The equivalent figures in ONS's 2012 Business Monitor PA1007 was 20 mt for crushed rock and 5.7 mt for sand and gravel. This represents a return rate, based on output, of 70% and 77% for the Scottish Survey. The discrepancies between the two Surveys and the level of non-responses in particular areas will be a significant limiting factor in drawing useful conclusions from the data.


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