Scottish Advisory Panel on Offender Rehabilitation (SAPOR): interim report 2023

Scottish Advisory Panel on Offender Rehabilitation (SAPOR) interim report covers activity undertaken in 2023.

5. Future Priorities

Refreshing Strategy

SAPOR is embarking on an exciting journey with a new panel refreshing strategy. This strategy represents a thoughtful and purposeful approach to enhancing the Panel's effectiveness, relevance, and impact.

Our panel refreshing strategy is centred around several key principles:

  • Diversity and Inclusion: We are committed to diversifying our Panel to include a broader spectrum of voices and perspectives. This diversity fosters richer discussions and decision-making processes and ensures that SAPOR remains relevant and proactive in an evolving landscape of offender rehabilitation and crime reduction.
  • Fresh Expertise: We actively sought new members with fresh expertise and insights. By bringing in professionals with varied backgrounds and experiences, we enrich our collective knowledge and enhance our ability to address emerging challenges.
  • Innovation and Adaptability: Our current strategy places a strong emphasis on innovation and adaptability. We recognise that offender rehabilitation is an evolving field, and we aim to remain at the forefront of evidence-informed practices and creative solutions.
  • Community Engagement: We will engage more closely with the wider community and justice partners. By soliciting input and feedback, we ensure that SAPOR's work aligns with the needs and expectations of the communities we serve.
  • Mentorship and Knowledge Transfer: As we refresh our Panel, we are dedicated to nurturing mentorship and knowledge transfer between outgoing and incoming members. This ensures continuity and the preservation of institutional memory.

SAPOR's new panel refreshing strategy is a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement and our mission of reducing reoffending and enhancing the lives of individuals in the Scottish Justice System whilst contributing to crime reduction. We are excited about the possibilities this strategy presents and look forward to the positive impact it will have on our work which we hope to reflect in 2024.



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