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Scotland's Play Ranger Toolkit

Published: 30 Jun 2015
Children and Families Directorate
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This Play Ranger Toolkit has been developed by the Play Ranger charities supported by Go2Play – focused on growing play opportunities for children and harnessing the expertise of the sector.

93 page PDF

2.5 MB

93 page PDF

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Scotland's Play Ranger Toolkit
Section 3: Appendices

93 page PDF

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Section 3: Appendices

To support the toolkit we have designed, with the input of the 8 Play Ranger organisations funded through Go2Play, a broad spectrum of appendices which contain forms, lists, policies and web links. These appendices are generic and reflect the forms, policies and practices that the Go2Play Play Rangers use. We would encourage you to review, use and amend any so as to suit your organisation, your location and provision. This list is not exhaustive but more a sample to help you on your way. The appendices broadly follow the following areas:

1. Staff and Recruitment

  • Job description
  • Person Specification

2. Office /Administration

  • Petty Cash Claim form
  • Travel claim form
  • Time sheet
  • Mobile Phone

3. Equipment

  • Recommendations - equipment you might wish to consider using

4. Policies

  • Equal Opportunities
  • Inclusion
  • Health and Safety
  • Volunteering and the use of Volunteers
  • Open Access

5. Consultation Techniques

6. Safeguarding Children

  • Safeguarding children
  • Complaints policy
  • Physical Management
  • Image Consent Form

7. Risk, Health and Safety

  • Anti-bullying and Harassment
  • Risk Benefit Assessments - Informing Practice and templates
  • Dynamic Risk - Benefit Assessment Cycle
  • Generic Risk Assessment templates
  • Daily Hazard Checks
  • Needle Disposal Guidelines
  • Incident Report

8. Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Evaluation Action Plan template
  • Evaluation and Monitoring Advice - Useful websites
  • Sample Questionnaires
  • Session Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Trip Consent Form
  • Outcomes and indicators
  • Logic Model