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Scotland's Play Ranger Toolkit

Published: 30 Jun 2015
Children and Families Directorate
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This Play Ranger Toolkit has been developed by the Play Ranger charities supported by Go2Play – focused on growing play opportunities for children and harnessing the expertise of the sector.

93 page PDF

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93 page PDF

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Scotland's Play Ranger Toolkit
5. Consultation Techniques

93 page PDF

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5. Consultation Techniques

Sample Consultation Technique

(Organisation) recognises that there is no single technique or method for involving children and young people and that different approaches will be selected to suit different ages, interests and abilities.

Active participation by children and young people will be sought and respected.

(Organisation) use consultation in order to:

  • Gain an increased understanding of how children and young people use play spaces and how they want to use the environment for play
  • Make more informed decisions and improvements in local play provision and the design of play spaces
  • Develop better, more exciting places to play that children want to use
  • Ensure greater sense of ownership by children and young people of local play facilities
  • Ensure there is greater respect from children and young people for adults who listen to their views, and from adults towards children about playing outdoors

Examples of Consultation Tools

1. The Target

A Dartboard target is drawn and the children are given stickers to place on the target e.g. If you thought the session was really good, put your sticker in the centre of the target etc.

2. Ideas and Complaints Book

There are two books available at each session and they are for children to write or drawdown any ideas, comments or complaints they have about anything.

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