Scotland's Play Ranger Toolkit

This Play Ranger Toolkit has been developed by the Play Ranger charities supported by Go2Play – focused on growing play opportunities for children and harnessing the expertise of the sector.


This Toolkit is based on an original work written by Dan Rees-Jones which was published by Wandsdyke Play Association ( WPA) in 2008.

Our thanks to Dan for supporting the writing and development of this Scottish Play Ranger Toolkit and to WPA for allowing us to use the original Play Ranger Guide as a baseline.

We also thank the Scottish experts themselves, the Go2Play Play Ranger Ventures, for providing materials and supporting the development of this Toolkit.

Aberdeen Play Forum
Canongate Youth
Cumbernauld YMCA
Parent Action for Safe Play
PEEK (Possibilities Each and Every Kid)
Stranraer YMCA
The Jeely Piece Club
The Zone

Thanks to Wrexham Council Play Development Team.

This toolkit is available as a download from


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