Scotland's place in Europe: science and research

Our latest analysis of the implications for Scotland’s science and research if the UK exits the European Union.

European Researchers in Scotland

Around a quarter of all full-time research staff at Scottish universities are EU citizens. Many more EU researchers work within the Scottish Government, at our research institutes, public bodies and in the private sector. Many UK researchers working in Scotland have partners, family members, colleagues or friends from the EU.

The continuing uncertainty over the UK Government’s future immigration policy has been damaging, presenting a significant risk to Scotland’s international collaborations and research excellence. The Scottish Government is keen for EU nationals to continue to study and work at universities and other research organisations in Scotland. We will continue to encourage them to do so.

“For decades, Scotland has welcomed people from across the EU and valued the role they play and diversity they bring to our economy and society. [..] That is why we will continue to make the case to the UK Government for continued freedom of movement for EU students, researchers and supporting staff, crucial to our international collaborations and the excellence of our universities.”

Derek Mackay, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Economy and Fair Work, speech at the 37th Conference of Rectors and Presidents of European Universities of Technology, 14 September 2018


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