Learning estate strategy

The Learning Estate Strategy and its guiding principles provide a platform for investment in the learning estate across Scotland and set out our strategic approach for managing the learning estate.

Annex B: Building on Lessons Learned

To build on lessons learned, early consideration should be given to the following themes which are informed from considerable feedback received from medium to large size projects:

Strategic Leadership: ensuring strategic leadership is embedded at the earliest opportunity will shape outcomes and build a consistent approach to realising benefits

Objectives and Outcomes: objectives and outcomes should be agreed early and be achievable. Procedures should be put in place throughout the whole process to ensure they are realised

Governance: strength, accessibility and continuity of governance are key to ensuring outcomes are realised. Governance should be proportionate to project size and consideration should be given to the inclusion of a Senior Champion on large complex projects

Skillset & Resources: project teams require appropriate skillsets and be allocated sufficient time to achieve outcomes. Continuity of experience from project to project helps improve efficiency and effectiveness and also saves time

Option Appraisals: robust early analysis is essential to inform strategic direction and avoid delays later in the process

Combined Functions: Multi-user facilities create links and increase building usage, making more efficient use of the public estate

Consultation: communicating decisions to stakeholders before implementation improves outcomes and user satisfaction

Learn from others: valuable lessons can be learnt from other people and projects

Feedback loop: completion of post project reviews and post occupancy evaluations is essential to ensure learning is captured and used to inform future developments

Energy use: learning from lower carbon pilot projects needs to be captured and shared to inform further developments

Knowledge share: consider initiatives to make learning more widely accessible, publishing best practice for Senior Responsible Officers, listing all documents and including hyperlinks


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