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Scotland's Digital Future - Delivery of Public Services

Published: 19 Sep 2012

Scotland's national digital public services strategy and action plan.

Scotland's Digital Future - Delivery of Public Services
Section Four: Who will deliver?

Section Four: Who will deliver?

This is a strategy for the Scottish public sector, working with industry and those who use services. It has been developed with, and will guide the future actions of:

  • the Scottish Government, its agencies and non-departmental bodies accountable to Ministers
  • NHS Scotland
  • local government
  • the police and fire services
  • universities and colleges

The strategy is the framework into which sector strategies will align – an eHealth Strategy [4] has been developed and sector strategies are being prepared by the partners listed above. We recognise that each sector must have the flexibility to meet its own customers' needs, while recognising that, in many cases, those customers are shared with other organisations.

The strategy also identifies early actions that will be taken at national level to facilitate action within sectors and organisations. The basic approach here is to focus on those areas where a cross-sectoral approach provides the most effective way of either or both delivering services effectively or achieving value for money.

This strategy and our action plan will be refreshed and refined as we move forward. Our aim is transformational change though our approach will be incremental and pragmatic in making best use of existing public finance investment. We state our ambition but not a finite end point: our objective is an agility to respond to technological and societal change that will provide the foundation for continuous improvement in delivery of public services.