Publication - Strategy/plan

Scotland's Digital Future - Delivery of Public Services

Published: 19 Sep 2012

Scotland's national digital public services strategy and action plan.

Scotland's Digital Future - Delivery of Public Services
Annex A Governance

Annex A Governance

Our ambitions will be delivered through collaboration among public sector partners and with the ICT industry. Sectors identified below will publish their own strategies during the remainder of 2012 indicating how they will take forward the vision and principles of this strategy. Our delivery must be driven by effective governance. The governance model used to develop our national and sectoral strategies will be developed to ensure we can deliver on our ambitions.

Annex A

A Programme Board will be responsible for delivery of the objectives and actions identified in Section 6, as set out below. Action will be guided by the Industry Board and by the Technical and Design Board which is also empowered to deliver, through collaboration, our High level ICT Operating Framework.

Many service areas will require cross-sector collaboration at the national and regional level. Our National Board will promote and support this and we expect regional collaboration to be achieved through existing mechanisms where possible e.g. Community Health Partnership and Joint Committees to support integrated service provision.