Scotland's Children - The Children (Scotland) Act 1995 Regulations and Guidance: Volume 1 Support and Protection for Children and Their Families

Guidance and regulations on the Children (Scotland) Act 1995

Scotland's Children
The Children (Scotland) Act 1995 Regulations and Guidance
Volume 1 Support and Protection for Children and Their Families

Includes amended paragraph 61 (as of 13/12/2004)

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Chapter 1 Promoting the Welfare of Children and Families
Framework for social work services
Screening referrals
Assessing individual needs
Delivering services
Chapter 2 Planning Children's Services
Legislative Provisions and Power of Direction
Planning - Aims
Planning - Significance and Process
Plans - Form and Style
Needs and Services
Plans - Scope and Content
Supply of Services
Collaboration between Authorities and Agencies
Annex A Needs of Children
Annex B Services for Need
Annex C Key Elements for Planning
Chapter 3 Providing Information about Services
Chapter 4 Providing Accommodation
Provision and
Respite Services
Chapter 5 Day Care Services
Day care provision
Planning day care services
Registration, inspection and review of day care services
Voluntary and independent providers
Training for providers
Chapter 6 Children And Disability
Planning and Assessment
Partnership with Parents, Children and Families
Services for Children who are Living at Home
Looking after a Child who is Disabled
Respite Services
Family care
Residential care
Protecting Children who are Disabled
The Transition from Child to Adult Services
Chapter 7 Protecting Children
Child Assessment Order
The Child Protection Order
Exclusion Orders
Emergency Child Protection Measures
Chapter 8 Short-term Refuges for Children at Risk of Harm
Forms of refuge
Children seeking refuge
Period of refuge
Legal status of children in short-term refuge
Notifications required when a child is given refuge
Definition of a "responsible person"
Notifications in writing
Other matters
Providing Refuge
Help for Children in Short-term Refuge
Designation or Approval of Establishments and Households
Chapter 9 Representations and Complaints
Regulations and Directions
The Plans for Services for Children Directions 1996
The Emergency Child Protection Measures (Scotland) Regulations 1996
The Refuges for Children (Scotland) Regulations 1996
The Publication of Information about Services for Children Direction 1996

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