Scotland's Budget: Draft Budget 2017-2018

The Scottish Government's draft spending plans for 2017 to 2018.

Annex H

Table 5: Estimated Payments Under PPP Contracts

  2016-17 2017-18
  £m £m
Health and Sport 244.1 248.9
Finance and the Constitution - -
Education and Skills 351.0 357.7
Justice 51.5 51.5
Communities, Social Security and Equalities 148.0 149.9
Rural Economy and Connectivity 94.0 96.4
Culture, Tourism and External Affairs - -
Economy, Jobs and Fair Work - -
Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform 151.3 154.8
Administration - -
Total 1,039.9 1,059.2


1. The table shows the total unitary charge payments relating to all PPP projects (prior to those projects announced as part of the current £3.5 billion NPD/hub pipeline) that are operational. The figures represent the total amount that public sector bodies estimate they will pay or will expect to pay, in each of the years for the associated PPP contracts.

The unitary charge payments cover all the integrated services that the private sector consortium will provide for the length of the PPP contract and include the upfront construction costs, lifecycle maintenance and, facilities management where appropriate.

The unitary charge payment figures comprise both what public sector procuring authorities are paying and Scottish Government funding/part funding in support of the projects.

2. The Communities, Social Security and Equalities portfolio contains the local government settlement therefore these figures comprise PPP projects undertaken by local authorities in the 'Level Playing Field Support' funding round and include for example, waste management and schools projects. Figures for school projects outwith this are included under Education and Skills.


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