Autumn budget 2019-2020: supporting document

The 2019-2020 autumn budget revision to the Budget (Scotland) Act for the year ending 31 March 2020.

Table 1.7 a: Funding Reconciliation (reserve)

Forecast Closing Reserve balance brought forward from 2018-19 1 567.5
Late consequentials for 2018-19 carried forward to 2019-20 148.0
Barnett consequentials (UK Main Estimate) 572.7
Additional carry forward from 2018-19 Provisional Outturn 59.8
Total funding available for deployment 1348.0
Already deployed in 2019-20 budgets -407.5
Deployed at Autumn Budget Revision -497.1
Balance for deployment at the Spring Budget Revision 443.4

1. Forecast closing reserve balance as at 31 March 2019 and notified to Parliament alongside the Provisional Outturn Statement in June 2019



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