Biodiversity strategy: consultation

Biodiversity is vital for us all and it is in crisis, globally and in Scotland, so we need to change the way we use natural resources. We are seeking views on how we should tackle the biodiversity crisis through a new biodiversity strategy which will drive this transformation.

3. Our Strategic Vision – Framing and Context

We have developed the following vision for Scotland's new biodiversity strategy which captures what success looks like in 2045 – what the strategy is setting out to accomplish:

Draft Vision

By 2045 we will have substantially restored and regenerated biodiversity across our land, freshwater and seas.

Our natural environment of plants, animals, insects, aquatic life and other species will be richly diverse, thriving, resilient and adapting to climate change.

Everyone will understand the benefits from and importance of biodiversity and will play their role in the stewardship of nature in Scotland for future generations.


  • Is the draft vision clear enough?
  • Is the draft vision ambitious enough?
  • Do you have any suggestions for a short strategic vision which would form the title for the strategy?



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