Coronavirus (COVID-19): Scotland's autumn/winter vaccination strategy 2021

Strategy outlining our progress on COVID-19 vaccinations and plans for COVID-19 and seasonal influenza (flu) vaccinations in autumn and winter 2021 to 2022 in Scotland.

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17. Digital solutions


We have scheduled and delivered millions of appointments through the National Vaccination Scheduling System and other digital solutions early on in the programme, whilst achieving exceptionally high vaccine uptake rates and positive feedback from both Health Boards and the public.

We have also improved the digital processes and systems to enable people to book appointments at vaccination clinics and centres based on their preference and choice, which has included the ability to reschedule appointments. In doing this we have also completed work to ensure our systems are as inclusive and accessible as possible so as many people as possible can access them.

One of the benefits of moving to an online booking system is the ability to quickly contact individuals with appointment details as well as being able to send out public health information. This time can be reduced and give people the option to choose an appointment at a time which suits them, rather than having to change it or not attending.

Improved data capture

The roll-out of a digital solution provides an opportunity to capture missing data with the potential for a significant digital legacy from the COVID-19 pandemic. Without this there is a reliance on GP registrations being up to date and as people engage with our digital products, it therefore minimises the risk of a person's details not being accurate, leading to DNAs. We are developing our systems to enable collection of important additional characteristics to support our inclusion work, such as ethnicity. This is vital to the ongoing research into rapid COVID-19 responses, monitor the equity of our approach, and helpful for wider public health planning, information and service offers.

NHS Scotland Covid Status App

An NHS Scotland Covid Status App will enable people to download their vaccination record in line with the requirements for international travel. The App displays a QR Code for each vaccination. In practice, this means that the app has two sections: one for international travel which contains the 2D barcodes currently in use which have been designed to meet international travel requirements and which will be useable for domestic settings, and one for domestic settings which will contain a single 2D barcode, confirming an individual's COVID-19 status as valid.

Detailed guidance for venues

Detailed guidance is available for venues on how to use the verifier app, and the guidance is accompanied by privacy notices. The guidance will continue to be developed in consultation with relevant venues and businesses. There will also be options for venues to integrate the verifier functionality into their own systems as the source code is open source.

Future developments

This will include working with other UK jurisdictions to ensure interoperability across the UK as well as considering how evidence of vaccination for people from outwith the UK can be verified.

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