Scotland Welcome Pack for British Nationals (Overseas) from Hong Kong

A guide for adults and dependants who have been granted leave on the new British National (Overseas) visa to access public services and make the most of the opportunities in Scotland.

Accessing money and other help from the state

No recourse to public funds

When you are granted leave on the BN(O) visa, you will have ‘no recourse to public funds’ (NRPF) this means that you will not be entitled to claim state social security or housing provided by local authorities. However, the UK Government has recognised that people might fall on hard times and therefore, those granted leave on the BN(O) visa will be able to apply for a change of conditions to have their NRPF condition lifted in the event that they become destitute or are at imminent risk of destitution.

Who can apply to this?

Applicants can apply for a change of conditions if:

  • The applicant’s financial circumstances have changed since being given permission to stay in the UK and they are no longer able to provide food or housing for themselves or their family
  • The applicant’s child is at risk because of their very low income.

Accessing public funds

If you successfully remove your public funds restriction, you can apply to receive social security to cover your basic living and housing costs and for help to find a home, especially if you find yourself homeless. Further information on how to access social security can be found at Social Security Scotland. Further information on how to access help with your housing can be found at Shelter Scotland.



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