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Scotland's Digital Future: Scottish Public Sector Green ICT Strategy

How Scottish public sector organisations can reduce carbon emissions; plan for carbon reduction; and meet the Scottish Government's environmental targets.

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Scotland's Digital Future: Scottish Public Sector Green ICT Strategy
Annex A: Maturity Model

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Annex A: Maturity Model

The maturity model is a scorecard whereby all public sector bodies can track their progress from wherever they are starting, and show the value-added from their Green ICT work both in term of adopting best practices and also from embedding green ICT thinking into everyday business processes and practices.

High Maturity

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Low Maturity

Level 5


  • Green ICT achievements are independently audited and shared with other organisations for peer review;
  • Stakeholders are routinely engaged when formulating and reviewing Green ICT policies.

Level 4


  • Green ICT strategy is fully aligned with all business strands throughout the organisation;
  • Regular examination and benchmarking of Green ICT polices against comparable organisations;
  • Beginning to identify high-risk stakeholders (including sub-contractors) and incorporating into own risk management/ audit processes.

Level 3


  • Sustainability through Green ICT is an intrinsic part of all senior staff objectives;
  • Environmental and socio-economic outcomes of Green ICT routinely monitored;
  • Formal engagement programme with key stakeholders to achieve multilateral integration of Green ICT objectives.

Level 2


  • All staff have received basic training in Green ICT as a minimum and understand how it facilitates sustainability;
  • Strategies in place to promote flexible and remote working as a major contributor to green and sustainable goals;
  • Baselines for monitoring progress have been established;
  • Consultation begun with key stakeholders on multilateral integration of Green ICT objectives;
  • Whole of life costs and sustainability tests regularly factored into ICT procurement decisions.

Level 1


  • Basic concepts and the need for Green ICT as a major driver in sustainability are understood and senior staff have expressed commitment;
  • Beginning to gather information to use as a baseline against progress;
  • Basic actions are taken when considering ICT life-cycle (e.g. reuse before purchase, following Government buying standards etc.);
  • Key stakeholders are informed of the organisation's commitment to Green ICT.