Scotland NCM software validation DSM and FI-SBEM software validation: guidance

Describes the methodology required for the validation of third party commercial Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) and Front Interface Simplified Building Energy Modelling (FI-SBEM) software packages.

3. Application Submission

All validation submissions must include a completed validation submission pro-forma with the following information:

  • Type of software class and validation type (DSM; FI-SBEM)
  • Company name, phone number, email address
  • Software package name and version number being submitted, up to 3 decimal places (e.g. v1.1.2.3)
  • SBEM version compatibility

Software vendors must also submit the relevant user guide(s) - annotated copy of the guide(s), with a cover note if applicable, for review, highlighting where the details for Scotland differ from that of England.

3.1 Software Submission

The software vendor will need to package up their submission based on instruction provided in the validation submission pro-forma. Vendors will be required to submit their validation application by emailing the Scottish Government and attach their validation pack. The email address is provided in Section 1. Following this, the application will be processed by the validation scheme operator.

3.2 Validation Management

All validation applications will be dealt with promptly and as efficiently as possible. The following timescales can be expected:

  • DSM re-validation: Up to 8 working days are required from the date of submission.
  • FI-SBEM re-validation: Up to 6 working days are required from the date of submission.

Vendors may need to clarify or respond to issues identified through the validation process. If so, there may be an associated delay to the validation time. If changes identified will take a significant amount of time to address, it will likely lead to the software vendor needing to resubmit their software for validation.



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