Scotland National Strategy for Economic Transformation: industry leadership groups and sector groups - evidence

This paper provides summary evidence received from Scotland's industry leadership groups and other economic sector groups as part of the National Strategy for Economic Transformation engagement process.

Evidence from Industry Leadership Group and Sectors

Scotland’s Industry Leadership Groups and other sector groups are already coordinating work to transform different segments of Scotland’s economy. Ministers and officials engaged with them to gather evidence that has guided the development of National Strategy for Economic Transformation (NSET) actions. This paper provides summary evidence received from these groups, including on:

  • recent industry or sector trends with respect to economic performance;
  • sector and industry aspirations for the next decade;
  • opportunities that they have identified for growth or transformation;
  • challenges that are holding progress; and,
  • ongoing or planned actions in response to challenges and opportunities that should enable the sector to realise its aspiration.

Evidence is presented for the following sectors represented by ILGs or other stakeholder groups:

  • Aerospace and Defence Industry Leadership Group
  • Aquaculture Industry Leadership Group
  • Chemical Engineering Sector
  • Creative Industries Sector
  • Construction Industry Leadership Group
  • Digital Technologies Sector
  • Electronics/ Electrical Manufacturing Sector
  • Financial Services Industry Leadership Group
  • Food and Drink Industry Leadership Group
  • Forestry and Timber Industry Leadership Group
  • Life Sciences Industry Leadership Group
  • Oil and Gas Industry Leadership Group
  • Metal/ Machine Manufacturing Sector
  • Paper Manufacturing Sector
  • Photonics Scotland, a network of Technology Scotland
  • Space Industry Leadership Group
  • Textiles and Leather Industry Leadership Group
  • Tourism Industry Leadership Group
  • Retail sector



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