Scotland Heat Map: public sector data sharing agreement

Data sharing agreement between the Scottish Ministers and all public sector organisations holding the Heat Map datasets.

For the purposes of this Data Sharing Agreement “Heat Map Data” shall mean all data held within the Scotland Heat Map dataset as outlined in the 2022 Scotland Heat Map User Guide as well as any additional datasets made available by the Scottish Government, as part of ongoing development of the Scotland Heat Map , between updates to the GIS packages. Public sector signatories will be notified when additional datasets are shared under this agreement.

While participants in this Agreement are under a duty to comply with all relevant obligations under the Data Protection Act 2018 (“the DPA”) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Heat Map Data covered by this Agreement is considered to be non-personal data. Always consider the DPA and GDPR when processing or adding to the Heat Map Data.    

The Scottish Government has reviewed the Heat Map Data with the aim of making as small as possible the risk releasing confidential information whilst maximising the access to useful, high-quality data. Because of this personal data has not been included in the Heat Map Data.

It is the responsibility of recipients of the Heat Map Data to ensure they comply with legislation concerning the processing of data, including personal data. This includes the possible creation of personal data through processing of non-personal data.



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