Scotland at Expo 2020 Dubai: evaluation report

An evaluation report detailing the work undertaken in developing and delivering Scotland's programme of activity and engagement at the EXPO 2020 Dubai between October 2021 and March 2022, highlighting outcomes achieved and recommendations to support participation at future World Expo events.

Section 3: Sponsorship & Budget

A formal sponsorship agreement between Scottish Government DITI and UK Government DIT allowed Scotland to deliver its own bespoke activity within the UK Pavilion as a key partner to the overall UK presence.

UK DIT offered Scotland a choice of three specific sponsorship packages – packages that were also offered to the other Devolved Administrations (Invest Northern Ireland and Wales). From the three options offered Scottish Government opted for the package that:

  • offered the best opportunity to leverage and influence the UK business programme
  • provided the greatest "return on investment" potential
  • ensured we could maximise Scotland's overall EXPO 2020 Dubai opportunity

In May 2019 this recommendation was made to Scottish Ministers alongside a proposed programme funding package. In addition to the sponsorship funding a project budget was set aside from the DITI's Trading Nation Funds and was co-managed by SDI as DITI's key delivery partner. The project budget covered a range of costs associated with developing and delivering major international events programming.



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