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Sourcing of pet dogs from illegal importation and puppy farms 2016-2017: scoping research

Published: 9 Nov 2017
Agriculture and Rural Economy Directorate
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The report describes research into the scale of the trade in imported and illegally bred puppies.

Sourcing of pet dogs from illegal importation and puppy farms 2016-2017: scoping research
Appendix III: Interview Schedule

Appendix III: Interview Schedule

1. Professional and Agency Role

  • What is your role in the puppy trade/in responding to the illegal/grey trade?
  • SWOT in role/agency?
  • Who do you work with in this role?

2. Key Agencies/Strategies

  • Who/what are the key agencies involved in responding to the illegal puppy trade/puppy farms in Scotland?
  • What are the main strategies in place ( e.g. PETS scheme, Balai directive)?
  • Do these work - SWOT (policy, enforcement, resources, etc.)
  • Does non-commercial trade (or other trade) provide loopholes for this trade?

3. Multi-agency work

  • Experience of co-operation and co-ordination among stakeholders in and outside Scotland (who, where, what)?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of these approaches?
  • Examples of successful and unsuccessful cross-border co-operation within the UK and outside the UK

4. The trade /unregulated farms

  • Understanding of the nature and scale of the trade/farms? How much is undetected/reported/recorded?
  • Understanding of the main problems in the trade/farms?
  • Where does it take place (online/specific locations - motorway stations)?

5. Understanding consumer behaviour:

  • Who are the consumers - of legal/illegal/grey?
  • o What is your experience of these consumers/what are they looking for/how do they access the dogs?
  • Are there specific locations/areas where this is more problematic?
  • Have you identified strategies which successfully change consumer behaviour?
  • What else can be done to change consumer behaviour?
  • How best to access these consumers for the focus groups?

6. Extending Research to the UK

  • Do you think similar research is needed in E&W? Why, what would the benefits be?